Bag Buyback Programme

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Although we believe that our bag will serve you for many years, we are aware of everyone's changing needs.

You changed your wardrobe completely and the bag doesn't fit it well anymore? You wish you had chosen a different color of the bag in the first place? A bag you have bought a long time ago is currently too small or too big? Or maybe you just want a change? Instead of buying another bag, use the Sartolane Bag Buyback Programme and exchange yours for a new one easily and responsibly!

How it works?

  1. Add this product to the cart or just e-mail us directly at
  2. Send us photos of the bag so that we can judge its condition.
  3. Wait for an individual valuation of your bag. The proposed price will depend on its condition, year of manufacture and specification.
  4. Send us your bag using the return label we provide. We can also order a courier to pick up the package from you.
  5. After successful verification of the bag's condition and confirmation of the valuation, we will send you a voucher for a specific amount, valid for the entire Sartolane offer.
  6. Redeem your voucher by ordering any product from our offer or by designing your own bag using the customization options!

All our bags are eligible for the buyback program, regardless of the current condition and year of production. *

*Except for:
1. Seriously damaged bags that are just beyond repair (e.g. wth leather deeply cut with a sharp tool).
2. Soiled by body fluids (e.g. with permanent blood stains).

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