Ecology, Chapter II: The Production

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The other key aspect when it comes to the final quality of leather and effect - apart from the qualities of the animal itself - is the tannery. This specialized production workshop is responsible not only for selecting the right raw material, but also for numerous processes that impact the final product.

Our company utilizes only leather from European tanneries in Italy, France and Spain, which exclusively use cattle produced for meat. We absolutely avoid leather from unknown sources outside the European Common Market.

All of our suppliers are associated in COTANCE (The Confederation of National Associations of Tanners and Dressers of the European Community) and are subject to very strict EU standards. Every tannery must be equipped with water recycling system (allowing for recovery of up to 85% of processed water) which ensures that waste from the tanning process does not contaminate ground waters and is safe for the environment.

The best materials are nothing without the best craftsmanship.

At Sartolane, we have full control over the creation of our products. We select the hides ourselves, we choose all the components, and we are solely responsible for the appearance of our products.

Our entire production takes place in a small family-owned leatherworking workshop in Poland.

Finding the right place that would meet our requirements and ensure adequate level of quality took us quite a lot of time - but we are sure that we have found a perfect spot for our business. Our workshop is manned by true craftsmen, who are fairly paid for their professional knowledge and work.

We have been spending (and we still spend) a lot of time on production: testing the new ideas, learning the secrets of the trade, and searching for the best solutions. We are truly proud of the appearance of our products, of the amount of work they took, and of their exquisite craftsmanship.

Our approach is firmly opposed to approach of traditional brands… not only in product development.

This is fully apparent in our pricing policy. Our products are, in short, much cheaper than traditional products of comparable quality - produced mostly by luxury brands.

First of all, we prioritize direct-to-consumer sales. Our products are developed solely by us, we use no middle-men, we have no additional margins. We rent no stores, we have no rent to pay. Bulk of our sales is realized through our own online channel, we are not dependant on others.

Last but by no means least: most of our handbags are sewn after the order is placed.

This approach allows us to manage our stocks in a rational manner - enabling more flexibility and customization.

We have no seasonal sales and offer no quick promotions - we know that we offer timeless classics so there is no need to quickly move aging goods. We can adapt to the real demand without producing surplus products to stuff the shelves

In Sartolane, we do everything to produce and sell responsibly - this is why we know to importance of after-sale customer support and we care for our products in all stages of its lifecycle.

If you are interested in the care that we provide to our customers and products - read on.

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