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Black Pebble Leather Belt 1"

Black Pebble Leather Belt 1"

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Meet the Black Pebble Leather Belt, a stylish 1-inch essential for those who prefer subtle patterns over bold prints. It blends seamlessly into both formal and casual looks, making it a versatile choice for any outfit.

This belt features distinctive pebble leather, offering a unique texture that's both elegant and understated. Made with care in Poland, this belt is a testament to quality craftsmanship.

Customize your belt length (up to 1cm) for the perfect fit, and choose between a silver or brass buckle finish to match your personal style and jewelry preferences.

Key Features:

    • Handcrafted in Poland from high-quality black pebble leather,
    • Versatile 1-inch width,
    • Customizable length and choice of buckle finish (silver or brass).
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